Sunday, 29 March 2009

Runaway child

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"Will you run?"

I always asked you that question. Every time you came I would ask you that question. But, you never answered me, you only stared past me into some terrifying future I could not see. You would brace yourself, as if the world was a terribly cold place. And I always wanted to reach out and touch you, to hold you, to warm you...

I used to wait for you. To wait for the sound of your footstep. One time you brought someone with you, and I felt I could breath more easily. But, I still asked you. You didn't look at me. You hardly glanced over in my direction, and I knew you were ashamed of me. You laughed, I had never seen you laugh before.

But, all the other times you came alone. Just for me to look at, for me to keep you company. Sometimes you would talk to me, in a low urgent voice. You would tell me about your life, and your thoughts, and I would feel special, special and scared. You were so hurt, you didn't see the world as I saw it. As a reflection of you. How many times didn't I wish I could say something, something to make the pain in your eyes go away?

And then, then came the time when you didn't return. I waited and waited, but I never saw you again. The reflection of you became a distant memory. And I will wait here for someone else to come find me.

"Did you run?"

©Wandering Lady

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