Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Grumpybum monster longies - pattern

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I’ve had lots of people asking me for the pattern to these longies. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to help them out as I have mainly just knitted freely from my own head. But, I have finally gotten my shit together and written down what I have done.

This pattern is in two sizes, 6 months-1,5 years (1,5-2,5 years). As the longies are very stretchy sideways, and the little ones doesn’t really expand so much in that direction, it pretty much comes down to the knitting the legs longer to make a bigger size.

This is the first time I have ever written a pattern down, so I am happy for any feedback. If you have any questions, please post them here or email me, and i will be happy to answer as best as I can. However, most of the questions i receive are variations of the same ones, please read:

  • I do NOT make these for sale. I would like to, but unfortunately I don't have the time.
  • I do not have the pattern in any other sizes than the ones shown here. If i ever get around to make more sizes I will update this pattern :-).
  • I cannot send you the pattern. 
  • I don't have the pattern for crochet, nor can a make a pattern for crochet as i don't know how to.
  • I do not have the pattern for making these using straight needles.
  • I cannot translate the pattern to any other language besides Norwegian, which you can find here: Norwegian pattern here.


Needles: 4mm circular needles                                                 
Yarn: Any yarn for 4mm needles, 100m - 50g. 2 skeins of base color (BC), 1 skein of each stripe color (C2/C3), about 25m red, a bit of white, and a bit of black.                                                                                     
Gauge: 20 stitches = 10cm. 

K = Knit
P = Purl
CO = Cast on
yo = yarn over
P2tog = Purl two stitches together
PM = Place marker
BO = Bind off
BC = Base colour
C1 = Colour 1
C2 = Colour 2

Note: The eyes and teeth are made using duplicate stitches, and are not knitted in. See pattern here: eyes and teeth.
Monster longies
Using BC, CO 92 (100) sts. Join the round, being careful not to twist. Place a marker at the beginning of the round.
Ribbing. Knit 6 rounds K2, P2. 6 months-1,5 years: start with P2. 1,5-2,5 years: start with K2.
Round 7. *yo, P2tog, yo, K2* repeat ** (1,5-2,5 years: *K2, yo, P2tog, yo*, repeat **) - total 115 (125) sts.
Round 8. *P2tog, P1, K2*, repeat ** (1,5-2,5 years: *K2, P2tog, P1*, repeat **) - total 92 (100) sts.
Knit 5 rounds of ribbing.

K 16 (18) rounds. Change to C1, K 4 rounds.

Change to red color for mouth:

  • K 2 rounds
  • Next round, K33 (35) wrap & turn                                                 
  • P20 wrap & turn
  • K 23 wrap & turn
  • P 26 wrap & turn
  • K29 (30) wrap & turn
  • P32 (34) wrap & turn
  • K35 (38) wrap & turn
  • P38 (42) wrap & turn
  • K42 (46) wrap & turn
  • P46 (50) wrap & turn
  • K 2 rounds
Change back to C1.
K 4 rounds. On the last round PM "A" after 21 (23) stitches, PM "B" after 4 (4) stitches, PM "C" after 42 (46) stitches, and PM "D" after 4 (4) stitches.


Change back to BC.

K to A, increase 1 st before M, K to B, increase 1 st after M, K to end of round. Repeat 5 more rounds. Total 104 (112) sts.
Next round, K to A, increase 1 st before M, K to B, increase 1 st after M, K to C, increase 1 st before M, K to D, increase 1 st after M, K to end of round. Repeat 5 (6) more rounds. Total 128 (140) sts. 

Next round. K to A. Cut the yarn, leave a 50 cm long tail. Using the kitchener stitch, sew the four middle sts from front and back together (the 4 sts between A and B, and C and D) (or knit one round while BO the 4 sts between A and B, and BO the 4 sts between C and D, then sew these together as you please). Place the sts of one leg on a stitch holder.

Pick up 2 sts in the join (where the front of the leg meets the back of the leg in the crotch) to avoid a hole. You should have a total of 62 (68) sts on the leg.
K 5 rounds (1,5-2,5 years: Round 3, K2tog in the beginning and end of round. Round 4: K2tog in the beginning and end of round. Total 64 sts.).
*Change to C1, K 2 rounds. Change to C2, K 5 rounds. Change back to C1, K 2 rounds. BC, K 3 rounds.* Repeat **
Knit stripes until legs are the desired length.


On the last round, decrease sts evenly around to end up with 32 sts. Knit ribbing K2, P2 for 25 rounds. BO loosely. As the recipient is growing this ribbing can be folded up or down so the longies can be used as long as possible.
Work in all the ends. Work duplicate stitches for eyes and teeth.

In C2, CO 3 sts. K 3, DON’T turn but slide the stitches to the other side of the needle and continue to knit. Repeat until desired length, about 70-100cm.

©WanderingLady. Please feel free to link to this pattern or to tell others where to find it, but do not distribute copies of the pattern yourself, either electronically or in physical form.
Items made using this pattern are not to be sold for profit, though private use (making the items for yourself or as a gift) is permitted and encouraged.

Saturday, 27 March 2010

A new start

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Finally, finally, finally. I got a job!!!!!

But of course, nothing comes for free, and this is how the story goes. After having being unemployed for 8 months, me and hubby decides to go for a holiday to Cambodia to visit family and join hubby’s younger sister’s wedding. As we see it, it is better for us to go now as I still don’t have a job, and if I do get one later it will be hard to ask for any time off within the first year. So we go.

One hour after landing in Cambodia I receive a voicemail message on my mobile. The company where I went for a second interview just the other day wants me to call back. And with my heart racing like crazy, I do. And wouldn’t you know it, they offer me the job!!! My happiness skyrockets but seconds later plummets down like a rock, because they want me to start March first, in 10 days. SHITE! But what can one say? One says yes, I can.

So, as soon as I am off the phone I run out to the nearest travel agency to try to find a new ticket home. This means that my holiday shrinks from 4 weeks to puny 8 days. After a short and intens pow-wow with hubby and munchkin, we decide that hubby will stay back and continue his holiday while I and munchkin flies back home. So far so good. Until it turns out that I can’t get a ticket home for love nor money. Yup, after 8 months of being unemployed I am finally offered a job one hour after having landed on my holiday and then I am stuck. The travelagency did eventually come up with a $3000 ticket in business class, which I was willing to take if nothing else came up. That is $3000 for a one-way ticket. Yes, you heard me! But after having worried about that for the rest of the day, my new favourite person calls me from the travel agency and tells me that he has managed to find a normal ticket for me and munchkin back to the Mothership.

So, long story short. I got home, and I survived being a single working mum for three weeks (which is a story in its own right), and am now reunited with hubby and four weeks into my new job.