Saturday, 27 November 2010

Christmas nails

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Made Christmas nails for my Christmas party tonight. Used a red MAC polish as the base, and then a glitter polish from elf on top. Built the glitter up to a gradient look. I am very happy with this look. Extremely festive though. These are nails that are up partying all night. I normally keep my nail polish on for a week at a time, but I am considering removing this one before work on Monday. They are almost indecent to bring to work.

Sunday, 31 October 2010


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I used to say that I would make, and have, lots of kimchi when I got a big nice house where I would have the space to store the kimchi. Well, I got my big and nice house, and having lived here for almost a month now, it was time to make some kimchi.

This one is made of a huge head of white cabbage as well as a large chinese cabbage. Kimchi isn't normaly made with white cabbage, but I wanted to try to see if I could get a crunching kimchi. Besides that there are 6 cloves of garlic, a large chunk of ginger, 2 fresh chilies, 3 tablespoons with chili powder, fishsauce, a bit of sesame oil, and ground pepper.

All three boxes are stored in my mushroom in the basement to ferment for three days. Can't wait to see how it turns out.

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Eclectic Muffins

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Munchkin is having his last day at kindy before we move house to another town, so cakes were on order. Didn't have anything fun to decorate with so ended up being creative with the lemon icing.

Monday, 27 September 2010

Another session at eBay

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Well, we are going to be proffesional lunch-makers for Munchkin. After having read about some fancy egg-shapers in an blog for parents, I had to check them out myself, so I ran to eBay. And of course, eBay did not let me down, and I found the egg-shapers as well as tons of other stuff you need to have in order to make creative and lovely lunch boxes to your offspring. After having browsed and compared I finally decided on these: egg_shapers_fish_carEgg-shapers in the shape of a fish and a car…

egg_shapers_rabbit_bear …and a rabbit and a bear. You take a freshly cooked egg, while it is still warm, de-shell it and then pop it into one of these molds. Then let it sit in the fridge for 5 minutes, and voila, fun-looking eggs. Can’t wait to try these :-).

Additionally, as Munchkin is a small rice-fiend, these can also be used to make fun-shaped rice-balls. How fun is that. Kiddy-style sushi!

I bought the egg-shapers from ctriasha on eBay, and they set me back $6 and $3 for shipping from Japan (all the way from Jaaaapaaaan).

bread_cutter_animals And then I also ended up with some sandwich cutters. You make a sandwich, and then you squash this mold down on it, and you en dup with lots of mini-sandwiches in fun shapes. This turns the sandwich into a bird, a heart, a tulip, and a fish…


… and this one makes a car, a boat, a lorry, and a bus (methinks, the picture wasn’t too clear). Munchkin is going to love me! These ones were bought from kaczan*bento on eBay, and set me back $3,49 a piece, so $6,98 total for both, and $6,98 for shipping all the way from Hong Kong.

And of course, then mummy had to buy something as well. So I ended up with three Konad image plates. The real stuff this time, and not fauxnad. So far I am quite happy with my fauxnad, and I am sure I will purchase more of them, as they are a fraction of the cost of the real Konad. But, I really wanted some designs that covered the whole nails, and I couldn’t really find any fauxnad which did that. Fauxnad tend to be shipped on random, so the pictures shown on eBay might not be the image plates you are actually receiving. I had a look at Bundle Monster, and they do have som designs which are supposed to cover the whole nail, but there are several comments around about how small they are, and how they don’t cover the whole nail. So, therefore decided to shell out for some proper konads with BIG designs :-).

konad M70Konad M73 Konad M74So, these are the ones I ended up with. Konad image plates M70, M73, and M74. I am so excited, and am so looking forward to get them. I bought these ones from konad2u on eBay, and they set me back $6,80 a piece with free shipping from Malaysia. Got to love Asia – so much fun stuff to be had from there.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Blue flowers with a blue french tip

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I put on a base coat and then a light metalic blue over the whole nail. I love this polish and have used it a lot. In the picture it doesn’t seem like the bottle I am holding is the same one as the one I am wearing on my nails, but it is.

IMG_1868I then made a darker blue french tip. I used tape to make the edge nice and crisp. Just normal scotch tape will do. However, make sure that the firt layer of polish has properly dried before putting the tape on, if not the tape will dent the polish.


Finally I stamped on blue flowers using the fauxnad, and then adding some rhinestones to the middle of the flowers.


I do like it. It’s a bit understated while giving the impression of a complicated mani. But, am not soo sure about the rhinestones. I love the idea of rhinestones, but am not too happy about the 3-D quality of them. I like my nails to be flat, lest they snag on everything and the stones fall off.

Monday, 20 September 2010

Got stamps?

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My nail stamps arrived from Hong Kong today, and I had to try them out. A tad difficult as I was also making munchkin's birthday cake at the same time. But, I am not unhappy with the result. With a bit more practice it will be perfect.

But, I had to make the same mistake as countless before me. I sat down, so excited, with my stamp, my nail polish, and my image plate. I put the nail polish on the plate, and swiped off the rest of the polish. But the damned polish didn't stick to the plate, and there was no chance in hell it would transfer to the stamp. After about 10 tries, I was really upset that I had managed to get the one bad set from Hong Kong, and was whining to Hubby. And then it hit me. The plastic! Yes, after having read about others who forgot to remove the plastic from the image plates, and sniggered a bit of them, I myself do the same mistake. So good that I can never learn from someone else's mistake, even not when I intend to.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Latvian baby blanket

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Almost, almost half way. I think this blanket is so so pretty, but I wish I had chosen more bold colours. When I went yarn-shopping, they didn't have this yarn in any bold or vibrant colours, so it wasn't bc I chickened out. But, pale and powdery colours nonetheless, I am still very happy with how it turns out. Not to mention that it is like a hundred times quicker a knit than what I thought it would be. I was worried I wouldn't even finish it in time for little niece's arrival in December, and now it looks like I will be finish with the knitting by the end of this month. Yeay me!

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Rhinestones from eBay

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I bought new nail polish from elf, and I got some rhinestones from eBay. The rhinestones set me back $1,53 and $4 for shipping for 3600 stones in different colors. Yup, you heard me :-). I am addicted to eBay now. I'll find stuff I didn't even know existed, and they all cost a pittance, and is shipped free from Hong Kong. So amazing!!

What I think of the rhinestones? Well, I like them, but maybe mostly because they were 3600 pcs for $4,50 incl shipping. How can one not like that. For the stones themselves, well, they are not that sparkly. They look sparkly in the box, but as soon as they are one the nail and you give them a coating of clear nailpolish, they lose almost all of their sparkle. I tried to put them on and not put a topcoat on and it did look better, but more prone to fall off though.

Additionally, the back of the stones are flat and smooth, and I found that to be kind of tricky to put them on the nail and give them a good push into the nailpolish without them sliding a bit. It got better with a bit of practice, but still some sliding occured. I am not sure if there are other solutions to this, as these are the first rhinestones for nails I have ever had. Although I did buy som nail art ages ago which admitely weren't rhinestones, but they were cut in the same way thus being sparkly, and the back were hollow. I guess you can say they were more like tiny jewel-shaped shells in pretty colours. I liked those as I was able to really push them into the nailpolish, and they stuck like nobody's business!

Anyway, I will def buy these again though. I have already been on eBay looking at smaller sized rhinestones. The ones I got was 2,1mm, and I do like the size, but it would be fun to have different sized ones. I found someone who is selling the 1,5mm ones for $1,34 for 1800 pcs with free shipping, and I am really tempted to buy them. Now, how is that possible? How can they possible earn anything with that price? I mean, just to post a normal letter from Hong Kong to Europe would at least cost $1,34.

Friday, 10 September 2010

Eyes and teeth for Grumpybum Monsterlongies

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Several people have asked me to post a pattern for eyes and teeth for the Grumpybum Monster longie, so here goes :-). The eyes and teeth are sewn on using duplicate stitches. Google it :-).


Upper tooth

Lower tooth

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Latvia garden blanket #2

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This is so pretty, but oh so slow...

Monday, 6 September 2010

Latvian Garden Blanket and 2,5mm needles

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Inspired by my younger brother’s soon to arrive first child I knew I had to make her something awesome! In addition, when I asked my younger brother whether or not they liked knitted stuff, he answered rather diplomatic (or not so) that they liked *insert pause* quality… Which I assume is he’s way of telling me that he do not quite think me able to make something of “quality”.

Which of course just made me even more determined to shower knitted stuff over my little niece as soon as she enters this world. But, I knew that my first gift had to be amazing! IT. HAD. TO.

After researching a bit I decided on Drops Extra Fine Merino, as it is just so so soft and it doesn’t need to be handwashed. Got to love that for new parents. Actually, I can’t really understand why you have to handwash most babywool. I mean, if there is anyone who need to be able to just stuff clothes into the washer it has to be new parents.


Anyway, a while ago I came over this beautiful beautiful pattern, Latvian Garden Baby Blanket. Not to be deferred by the fact that I hardly have ever knitted with multiple strands of yarn, nor have made anything requiring a steek, nor lined any knitting beforehand, I decided that this would be the perfect gift for the newborn.

This blanket is on tiny tiny 2,5mm needles. And I am quite apprehensive about making a whole – WHOLE – blanket using such tiny needles. I love the way the pattern looks when using tiny needles, but the time people, the time! But alas, nothing but the best for new (and only) niece to come.

babyteppe_ferdig_sying6_lite_mediumI have knitted two repeats of the heart pattern and am already feeling bored. I mean, the blanket is going to be beautiful – for sure. I chose natural white for background color, lavender for the hearts, and limegreen for the pattern in the middle. And so far it looks lovely. But it is so boring…

IMG_0196 - CopySo, decided to cast on something that can be knitted without having to think so much. Because of the different colors and tension and whatnot, the blanket is quite a mental exhausting task for a novice such as myself. So, decided to cast on Steggie in wool for Munchkin. I wouldn’t really claim the Steggie to be a mindless knit, but as I made one earlier this summer I am pretty sure this one won’t take to much thinking on my behalf. Which is perfect.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

False eyelashes for $1.50

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I came across false eyelashes on ebay for $1.54. I didn't even know that you could buy this at ebay, just shows how much I know about ebay. Turns out you can pretty much buy everything on ebay. Fun! So, I searched "false eyelashes" and pages after pages turned up with eyelashes. And would't you know it. A Hong Kong company called Glamlabel offered 30 - thirthy - pairs of lashes for the laugable cost of $1.54!!

I am quite looking forward to receiving them and trying them out. But anyway, even if they suck, they still cost $1.54. Can't really go wrong then :-)

Thursday, 22 July 2010

The usb man

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And this is how he look plugged into the computer. So cool!

The USB man

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I got a USB man from Sony Ericsson through a jobevent for a month or so ago, and isn’t he just the coolest.

IMG_0225 (2)The head pops off and voila, usb stick!

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Week 1 - Summary

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Well, then the first week is over, and it wasn't too bad. It wasn't a breeze either, but doable. Day 6 went well LCHF-wise, no slip-ups or anything, but day 7 was a carb-feast. But then again, I knew it would be, so I am not too bothered by it. My dad and his girlfriend came in for lunch, and we ended up at this nice turkish place. I had a beef kebab will the works - couscous, potato wedges, garlic nan... It was yummy!

Then I met some girlfriends out and proceeded to drink lots and lots of pink bubbly, piña coladas, and appletinis (which was a first for me, and I absolutely LOVED it). So, when I came staggering home in a pink bubbly/cocnutty/appleish bliss at midnight I suddenly realised that I hadn't measured myself yet. For a minute I considered leaving it for the next day, but then decided against it. If I hadn't lost that much I could always blame it on the drinking session with the girls.
Anyway, out with the emasuring tape and lots of breath holding (because of the anticipation and excitement, not to try to hold my tummy in)
and lo and behold, I had lost 4 cm around my waist. Did you get that?? FOUR CENTIMETERS!!!! That's lots!! Minus 3 cm around my ribs, and minus 3 from my hips. I am so excited and happy!!! So it does work!

Friday, 18 June 2010

Christmas in June

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Inspired by Monstermønster I have decided to start making a advent calendar for Wanderboy. I wanted to make one last year, but didn't because of a) lack of time, and b) i didn't really think Wanderboy would appreciate one, him being only one years old at that time. But, I guess he will be more aware of the delights of christmas this year.

I have been looking at a couple of designs, but can't really make up my mind yet. I would love to make on in cross-stitching, as Monstermønster is doing as I like the idea of something long lasting and old-school, but on the other hand those are also the very reasons I might not want to go for cross-stitching, that I will end up feeling it is too old-fashioned. I am also quite taken with Pickles' advent calendar. This calendar is just too cute, but then it was this about the longevity of the calendar. I feel this is a bit too whimsical. This is a calendar you would have to remake every few years or so, as it would be worn and a bit tattered.

I found these patterns at Ellen Maurer-Stroh's site of free cross stitch patterns, and these are just perfect!!! I love them! But then again, because it always have to be a but, now I worry about time. Will a be able to finish by advent though. It's a huge project. And then I started thinking about what if we get another wanderbaby, which I am pertty sure we will, then should they have one calendar each or should they share? And if they will have one each I would like the calendars to have the same feel and look, but where will I find another pattern similar to this one? Argh, too many ifs. ..

Day 5 - Getting easier?

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Ok, made it to day 5!!! Yeah! God, it sounds like I am doing something much harder than I am. Like training for a marathon, or something gruelling like that. I mean, abstaining from carbs isn't really up there. But, it is hard for me, so I am pleased with myself

I also feel that it starts to get easier. Like, I don't have to have constant discussions in my mind ALL the bloody time about whether or not to eat something. I can see something yummy and want it, and then I can say nah, and leave it at that. Not always, but more now than the first couple of days.

I am so looking forward to be measuring me this sunday, but if there is no difference this time I will be so dissapointed!! I mean, I am really expecting high numbers, several cm in fact. I put on a pair of shorts yesterday which have been really really tight. Well, they have been wearable, but not exactly comfortable. Anyway, I put them on, and they felt slightly looser. Which prompted lots of prancing and modelling in front of hubby to show of my new and thinner self. And he was all like: It's been what, 2 days? And I was like: Na-ah, it's been several! Because everyone knows that a couple of days are like 2 days, but 3 days are several! Well, I do have high hopes for this sunday!

Day 4 - Summary

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So, yesterday wasn't all too bad. After last post I gulped down lots and lots of water (which really made walking home a pain in the bum - or slightly in front of the bum), and the headache subsided. Yeah!! Came home, hade fried minced beef with sour cream and cucumbers for dinner. Felt very satisfied. Had a handfull of shrimps for late evening snack. Do you say that, a handfull of shrimps?

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Day 4 - Ketosis sucks

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I mean, it doesn't sucksuck. I want to be in it, and thus lose lots and lots of weight, and so it is good, but it sucks that it makes me feel like crap.

So far things have been pretty good. I had an avacado shake for breakfast, and a bit of fried minced meat with a dollop of full-fat sour cream. Lunch was a pretty close call, as they served hamburgers today. I almost allowed myself to have a bun, but managed to stay away and had a hamburger without the bun. And yes, someone did point out that the dressing wasn't really LCHF and neither was my watermelon. Which is true, can't deny that.

I have felt good all day, thinking that maybe the bad symptoms were gone for good, but that was untill now. Am feeling the headache coming on and the tiredness. Ouch. But what can I do, obviously a girl has to suffer to reach her skinny happy self, or at least more so than now.

Day 3 - Summary

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Yesterday wasn't good! Not at all!!!!

It wasn't so much my constant thinking about anything with carbs, because although it still feels hard and I am salvating thinking about all the yummy carbs that I will be able to eat next week, I was good yesterday - foodwise that is.

I had an avacadoshake for breakfast from a perfect avacado! And for lunch I had a chickenthigh, a small salad with cheese, and some watermelon. Yes, I know the watermelon isn't strictly LCHF...

When I came home from work yesterday I felt really tired and felt a headache coming. During the evening I just felt worse and worse, and the headache became really really bad. I didn't feel like eating at all, and skipped dinner. At 9.30pm I managed to eat some fried chicken, but felt really unwell after. Went to bed early.

I've read that a couple of days in, when you hit ketosis, you can feel really unwell and have quite bad headaches. I hope this was it though, and that it will pass soon. - Ouch, just read an article saying that the symptoms of ketosis can last up to a week!! That is so not good :-(

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Day 2 - Summary

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Another day is over. It is still hard. But, I didn’t really think it would be otherwise.

At lunch they served taco, which almost broke me. But I stood strong and only had taco meat with sour cream, cheese, and guacemole.

For dinner we had oven baked mackerell with steamed cabbage and homemade hollandaise sauce. That’s my first time making that sauce, and I was quite impressed with myself. It was a tad tart, but still lovely and suprisingly fluffy. More like a dip than a sauce.

Snacked on baconcrisp during the night before bed.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Day 2 - Breakfast

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7am. Omelet made from 2 eggs, a few mushrooms, and fried pork. Yummy. Green tea to drink.

9.45am. Feel peckish and am regretting throwing my apricots away yesterday.

Monday, 14 June 2010

Day 1 - Summary

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8am. Arrived at my desk at work and found a bag of dried apricots. Opened it and bit into one. Froze. Had a quick debate in my head whether or not dried apricots were allowed this week. Decided they were. Decided they weren’t. Spat out the apricot. Hid the bag behind the computer screen.

10am. Spent most of the morning trying to decide if I could or could not, whether I would or would not eat crisp bread for lunch. Decided that one wouldn’t hurt. Decided it would. Decided it wouldn’t. Decided it would. Decided it wouldn’t. Decided it would. Decided it wouldn’t. Decided it would. Decided it wouldn’t. Decided it would. Decided it wouldn’t. Decided it would.

11am. Went for lunch. Had a small salad with three meatballs, a bit of tunasalad and an egg. Looked at the crisp bread. Thought It’s just one week. One week is doable. Walked away. Felt very good about myself.

1pm. Felt that since I had been so good I could have a dried apricot. After all, it was just an apricot, It wasn’t like it was a piece of bread or a potato. Reached for the apricots. Hesitated. Kept repeating to myself It’s just one week. It’s just one week. You can do this for one week. Pushed the bag away.

2pm. Discovered the apricots again. Made a rash decision and threw them all in the trash. Felt very good about myself.

2.05pm. Decided that throwing out the apricots were a really bad idea. Repeated It’s just a week. You can do one week. Next week you can eat all the apricots you can.

5pm. Came home, found out hubby had made dinner. Thai curry with carrots and mushrooms. And rice. Grateful that hubby had cooked, slightly miffed that he hadn’t cooked something more LCHF. Remembered that I hadn’t told him about my experiment. Concluded I couldn’t blame him then.

5.25pm. Discovered the giant chocolate hubby had bought an dput in the fridge.

5.26-6pm. Thought about the chocolate.

6pm. Had curry for dinner. Skipped the rice. Yummy!

7pm. Snukout in the kitchen, opened the fridge and had a long look at the chocolate. Debated whether or not LCHF was pointless or not. If it was pointless it meant that I could have chocolate.

7.25pm. Skulked out to the livingroom, repeating to myself It’s just a week. You can eat chocolate next week. You won’t die if you don’t eat chocolate for one week. Felt very very good about myself.

10pm. Felt hungry again. Had three soft boiled eggs and three slices of bologna with tiny bit of mayonaise on.

All in all. Not the best day, but happy I made it so far. Feel very discouraging that it is so hard. Anyway, one down, six to go!

Day 1 - The weeklong experiment

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Breakfast: A small fried pork chop and water to drink. Didn't have time to take of pic of the actual chop as I was running late for a meeting.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

What voice?

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I find myself to be a very inconsistent blogger. Both timewise, I don’t blog as often as I would like to, and regarding my voice. With the first clearly being a result of the second. As I haven’t really found my voice yet, I find it hard to blog, although I really really like to do it more. But, I haven’t quite figured out what to blog about. Lately it has been a lot about my crafts, such as knitting and suchlike, or about food, or this or that. As I’m not sure whether that’s what I want to blog about, I tend to write posts about stuff months after they happen, thus ending more up with dull summarys rather than interesting blogs.

This all comes down to my idea, right or wrong, that blogs should have a clear voice and topic. Most of the blogs I find interesting do have a very clear theme and voice. I know what I am getting.

But I would like to blog more. So maybe my own expectations, to which I am failing terribly, are the problems. Maybe if I just forget about finding my voice and my topic before I blog I will blog more. So I guess that’s what I am going to try.

As I have mentioned earlier I have been trying out LCHF lately without much success. I guess because I wasn’t able to commit to it fully. I would eat mostly LCHF, but then I would have a slip-up and eat something with carbs. the slip-ups weren’t big, so I convinced myself that they didn’t matter, and that lots of people lost lots of weight even though they didn’t give up carbs completely. Well, a couple of months down the road I am exactly the same size, and I guess the same weight (no bath scale). But this isn’t so. As with most diets you can’t both ahve your cake and eat it too.

I think my problem is such a common one. I get too focused on the long-term goal. Wanting it to happen by this evening. With minimal efforts. If I have been good the whole morning, then I feel entitled to cheat a little in the evening. And then, by then end of the week, there is no change sizewise, prompting me to have a snack of something that I shouldn’t because, a) I feel bad about myself, b) I will be good again tomorrow, and c) it doesn’t matter anyway because obviously this diet doesn’t work on me as I conveniently forget all the late evening cheats. The mere thought of never eating carbs again is pretty daunting, scary even. Thus making it too easy to just have this one, and this one, and this one, and then be good tomorrow.

So, trying to combat this I will focus on small and short. Yes, small is good! So, starting tomorrow I will try to see what happens if I eat strictly LCHF for one week. One week is doable, I should be  am able to commit to one week, I would be able to can give up carbs completely for one week. It’s just a week. If it turned out to have been to hard I can always go back to carbs after that one week. One week is nothing! So, I have taken out my measuring tape and I will measure myself tonight, and then again next sunday evening. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Fake strawberry icecream

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Yummy ice cream
Cream, artificial sweetener, and frozen strawberries. In a blender untill smooth.

Friday, 30 April 2010

Crocheted dragon

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Wanted to make some chrocheted animals and for quite some time ago I had come across this great dragon. Unfortunately I can't remember where I came across it though, but will link to it if I find it again.

EDIT: Big thanks to Donna who left me a really helpfull suggestion as to where I could have found the pattern in the comment section. Turned out the pattern is Lucy Ravenscars My Fierce But Friendly Really Dragon. The pattern which Donna links to is Lucys updated and improved pattern of the same dragon, Fierce Little Dragon.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Avacado shake

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The very first time I had avacado shake was in a bowlinghall run by a vietnamese. This was more or less the first time I had avacado, so I still didn’t have the notion that most westerners have that avacado is to be used in savory dishes. Later I have come to realise how odd most westerners think this shake is, but it is still one of my favourite one. I am sure that my recipe is nothing like the original as I have made mine by guessing and tasting later on.

Normally I would blend one ripe avacado with some sweet condenced milk in a blender (mushin it up with a fork and stirring the milk in also works if no blender is available). Just like this it is very thick and almost pudding-like. I have plans of making this into some kind of dessert, but haven’t gotten around to it yet. Anyway, then I add some milk until it’s pourable, and pour it into a tall glass full of ice. Drink with a straw. Yummy!!!

If no condenced milk is available, the avacado can be blended (or mushed) with normal milk and sugar to taste.

As LCHF has banned milk I blend my avacado with cream and water and add a bit of artificial sweetener to it. Into a tall glass with ice. This is so good, and I am quite happy about being able to drink this to my heart’s content. Wanderbaby, which is 20 months now, has also a taste for this drink, and will come running with an open mouth like a hungry babybird as soon as he sees the green shake.

Sunday, 18 April 2010


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Omelet with cheese, crispy bacon, sausages and mushrooms, some cherry tomatoes, and tomato beans on the side. I guess the beans and tomatoes are a bit in the greyzone as they contain a bit of carbs.

Monday, 12 April 2010


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I have struggled a bit (read: LOTS) with my weight after my son was born, and have been constantly trying to lose it without really committing to any weightloss diet. But this will end now! The kilos will be banished in this household, and I will emerge new and shiny and thin! Well, that’s the plan at least.

bathroom scalesI have read a bit about LCHF and am quite intruiged by it. The idea that one can eat cream and cheese and avacado and sour cream, and still lose weight seem like a dream come true. Now, it does seem to be a bit far between the ones that have lost heaps on this diet though, in most forums and blogs the other health benefits are more emphasised. Which, to be honest, I couldn’t care less about! I mean, I like to think I care about my health, but as for now, I care more about shedding some weight.


Anyway, so I have decided to give it a go. The first thing I noticed was that it is quite a pricey diet. Meat, veggies, cream, cheese, and such are much more expensive than rice, potatoes, and bread. We have always been a bit frugal with money in this household (which would mean that I am frugal, and hubby doesn’t have much say in the matter), so the increase in food expenses really irks me. But it will be all worth it when the new and shiny and thin me emerges from all the fat and cheese and cream.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Picture time

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I was playing around with my new-ish camera (the oh-so-lovely Canon SX1) at a friends house. I have this fascination with taking pictures in macro mode, and was quite pleased with the results. Should mention though that I haven’t been able to take anything like it later. Just can’t seem to get that stuff into focus. On another note, my Oh-so-lovely camera decided that it will only work if it is held perfectly level, which does not happen, so have now been handed in to the repair shop to get a stern talking to.

IMG_0107 IMG_0099 IMG_0100

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Late night cup of yummy

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IMG_11052 A cup of hot chocolate with a generous dollop of whipped cream. Yummy!!

Friday, 2 April 2010

I will explain it to you when you are older…

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This is a sentence which to this very day rubs me slightly the wrong way. Not that people say that to me now. Thankfully. I am obviously old enough these days to have whatever needs to be explained explained to me (and pretty good at understanding subtexts on my own, thus removing a fair bit of needing to explain). But, thinking back on all the times I were told this by one of my parents, I feel somehow… cheated! I can remember that even at that time, I knew they wouldn’t, they wouldn’t explain it to me when I got older. Because at which time it would have been forgotten. I should have written it down, every one of the jokes I didn’t get, all the punchlines which no one wanted to explain to me then, I should have written them all down. And when I did get older I should have taken them out and had them explain them to me. Because they said they would.

For a couple of weeks, months even, I would store the punchline or jokes inside me, and every now and then ask for it to be explained. But I never got old enough fast enough. Sooner or later I would forget, and the next time I thought about my parents owing me some explaining, I could never really remember what they were supposed to explain.

I am aware that if I did remember now, or if I had written it down, it would not have been anything very interesting. But still I do feel cheated somehow. When I think of it I get this annoyed itch inside of me. I get this urge to call my dad up, to call my mum up, to make them do all the explaining they once promised to me that they would.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Late easter chicks

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I am slowly building up a stockpile of decorations and other stuff to put around the house for holidays and suchlike. When you start from scratch and have a limited budget… well, these things take time. But, this year addition towards the easterbasket was crocheted easter chicks. I just thought Eggy – The Cute Chick was sooo adorable.


And if that wasn’t enough, we even got some really cute eggs to hang in the window.

IMG_1200Well, they aren’t really meant to be hanging in the window, methinks, as they have a big and quite unflattering hole in the bottom. But high up in the window was the best way to ensure they would survive small and curious fingers so they would see another easter. 

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Grumpybum monster longies - pattern

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I’ve had lots of people asking me for the pattern to these longies. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to help them out as I have mainly just knitted freely from my own head. But, I have finally gotten my shit together and written down what I have done.

This pattern is in two sizes, 6 months-1,5 years (1,5-2,5 years). As the longies are very stretchy sideways, and the little ones doesn’t really expand so much in that direction, it pretty much comes down to the knitting the legs longer to make a bigger size.

This is the first time I have ever written a pattern down, so I am happy for any feedback. If you have any questions, please post them here or email me, and i will be happy to answer as best as I can. However, most of the questions i receive are variations of the same ones, please read:

  • I do NOT make these for sale. I would like to, but unfortunately I don't have the time.
  • I do not have the pattern in any other sizes than the ones shown here. If i ever get around to make more sizes I will update this pattern :-).
  • I cannot send you the pattern. 
  • I don't have the pattern for crochet, nor can a make a pattern for crochet as i don't know how to.
  • I do not have the pattern for making these using straight needles.
  • I cannot translate the pattern to any other language besides Norwegian, which you can find here: Norwegian pattern here.


Needles: 4mm circular needles                                                 
Yarn: Any yarn for 4mm needles, 100m - 50g. 2 skeins of base color (BC), 1 skein of each stripe color (C2/C3), about 25m red, a bit of white, and a bit of black.                                                                                     
Gauge: 20 stitches = 10cm. 

K = Knit
P = Purl
CO = Cast on
yo = yarn over
P2tog = Purl two stitches together
PM = Place marker
BO = Bind off
BC = Base colour
C1 = Colour 1
C2 = Colour 2

Note: The eyes and teeth are made using duplicate stitches, and are not knitted in. See pattern here: eyes and teeth.
Monster longies
Using BC, CO 92 (100) sts. Join the round, being careful not to twist. Place a marker at the beginning of the round.
Ribbing. Knit 6 rounds K2, P2. 6 months-1,5 years: start with P2. 1,5-2,5 years: start with K2.
Round 7. *yo, P2tog, yo, K2* repeat ** (1,5-2,5 years: *K2, yo, P2tog, yo*, repeat **) - total 115 (125) sts.
Round 8. *P2tog, P1, K2*, repeat ** (1,5-2,5 years: *K2, P2tog, P1*, repeat **) - total 92 (100) sts.
Knit 5 rounds of ribbing.

K 16 (18) rounds. Change to C1, K 4 rounds.

Change to red color for mouth:

  • K 2 rounds
  • Next round, K33 (35) wrap & turn                                                 
  • P20 wrap & turn
  • K 23 wrap & turn
  • P 26 wrap & turn
  • K29 (30) wrap & turn
  • P32 (34) wrap & turn
  • K35 (38) wrap & turn
  • P38 (42) wrap & turn
  • K42 (46) wrap & turn
  • P46 (50) wrap & turn
  • K 2 rounds
Change back to C1.
K 4 rounds. On the last round PM "A" after 21 (23) stitches, PM "B" after 4 (4) stitches, PM "C" after 42 (46) stitches, and PM "D" after 4 (4) stitches.


Change back to BC.

K to A, increase 1 st before M, K to B, increase 1 st after M, K to end of round. Repeat 5 more rounds. Total 104 (112) sts.
Next round, K to A, increase 1 st before M, K to B, increase 1 st after M, K to C, increase 1 st before M, K to D, increase 1 st after M, K to end of round. Repeat 5 (6) more rounds. Total 128 (140) sts. 

Next round. K to A. Cut the yarn, leave a 50 cm long tail. Using the kitchener stitch, sew the four middle sts from front and back together (the 4 sts between A and B, and C and D) (or knit one round while BO the 4 sts between A and B, and BO the 4 sts between C and D, then sew these together as you please). Place the sts of one leg on a stitch holder.

Pick up 2 sts in the join (where the front of the leg meets the back of the leg in the crotch) to avoid a hole. You should have a total of 62 (68) sts on the leg.
K 5 rounds (1,5-2,5 years: Round 3, K2tog in the beginning and end of round. Round 4: K2tog in the beginning and end of round. Total 64 sts.).
*Change to C1, K 2 rounds. Change to C2, K 5 rounds. Change back to C1, K 2 rounds. BC, K 3 rounds.* Repeat **
Knit stripes until legs are the desired length.


On the last round, decrease sts evenly around to end up with 32 sts. Knit ribbing K2, P2 for 25 rounds. BO loosely. As the recipient is growing this ribbing can be folded up or down so the longies can be used as long as possible.
Work in all the ends. Work duplicate stitches for eyes and teeth.

In C2, CO 3 sts. K 3, DON’T turn but slide the stitches to the other side of the needle and continue to knit. Repeat until desired length, about 70-100cm.

©WanderingLady. Please feel free to link to this pattern or to tell others where to find it, but do not distribute copies of the pattern yourself, either electronically or in physical form.
Items made using this pattern are not to be sold for profit, though private use (making the items for yourself or as a gift) is permitted and encouraged.