Sunday, 12 February 2012

Grow me a garden

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I had almost decided not to try for the homegrown stuff this year, and go for the lazier and more pricey option of buying everything from the garden Center when summer came along. But then I started looking for some seeds for strawberries, as I am somewhat convinced, and not sure why, that strawberries grown from seeds are tastier than the ones that you buy as seedlings from a garden Center. Actually, come to think of it I feel that applies to all everything.

But, while shopping around for seeds for strawberries I couldn't resist adding some tomato seeds, mini bell peppers seeds, and carrot seeds into the mix. And they all arrived from the big US this weekend. So, this year's crop will consist of 500 tendercrisp (that's the name) carrots, 25 red mini bell peppers, and 25 early cascade tomatoes. I also got some bonus seeds which was some other tomatoes, an arctic version (don't remember the name and can't be bothered to go look). I am still waiting for the strawberries, as I bought them from another vendor. 

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