Saturday, 9 June 2012


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Dang, have just received a package of Blackhill Højlandsgarn from The yarn is to be used for a Latvian Garden blanket from Pinneguri for the soon-to-arrive little sister. And I so want to cast on straight away. Partly, because I only have about 2 months to get the blanket done, and last time I knit it, for cute nephew, I think I spent at least double that amount if time, and partly to try out the yarn, as this is the very first time I have bought it. But, and here is the dilemma, I only have one set of needles in 2,5mm, and those are already in use. I am currently knitting a new sweater to soon-to-be big brother using those needles. Now, I could put the sweater on scrap yarn and use the needles for the blanket but knowing myself that would mean taking the chance of the sweater never being finished. So, there really is only one solution, which is to at least finish the body of the sweater.

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