Sunday, 23 September 2012

The arrival of Little Sister

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Little Sister made her appearance for about four weeks ago, and our days are filled up with tiny tummies which need to be filled, tiny toes that need to be counted, tiny bums which needs to be kept clean and dry, tiny cheeks to be kissed and nuzzled. And in between there are knitting to be knit, an older brother who needs to be listened to and admired, dinners and lunch boxes to be made, and all the other things that fill up every day life.

Life in general has been put on hold while we are getting to know this brand new little person who has captured our hearts so completely. Big Brother can hardly contain himself. Little Sister needs to be kissed and hugged and stroked. He tells her how cute she is, how small she is, how he loves her, and that she is his. And my heart breaks by the cuteness of it all.

It did take me a bit by a surprise the love my little boy feels for his tiny sister. I knew, or hoped, that he would love her, but I didn't expect it to happen so quick. I thought he would have needed some time to adjust, to get to know her, to let the feelings develop. No such thing. It was love at first sight. And my heart is content.

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