Thursday, 30 May 2013

Snapshot of life

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The baby blanket is growing. It measures about 35 cm so far. I am aiming for it to be 90 cm long when it is finished. I say aiming as this is a bit of an improvised project. I knew I wanted to incorporate the Marius diagram, but not how and where. I have already had to rip it back a few times. The first time when I realised I wouldn't have enough of the blue colour to use it as the background colour all the way through. Yes, I know, bad planning. But as I only used 90g for background colour to the Latvian Garden Blanket I thought I was definitely in the clear with my staggering 200g of blue. The second rip was because I didn't like how the modified pattern turned out so I decided to try to modify it somewhat different.

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