Sunday, 4 August 2013

Space invaders cardigan in progress

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The 5-year old needed a new kindergarten sweater for next winter. Used the chart I used for my Space Invaders Baby Blanket (which is a modified mix of the traditional Norwegian pattern Marius and Arne & Carlos' Cheese Attack). I decided to make a cardigan, so I have added a 9sts steek in the front. I decided to go for a raglan as I couldn't be bothered to modify the chart for knitting in the round, nor did I want to have to sew in the arms because of bulk and lazyness ;-).

I am knitting on 3,25mm Chiagoo needles using Blackhill Højlandsuld (wool) from I really like this yarn AND it is affordable - a winner! I am knitting with the following colors: Brandbil (red), Lys Indigo (light blue), Skifer (dark grey), and Kiwi (green)

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