Friday, 12 February 2010

Outfit of the day

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While trying to fill a couple of hours before I could go home from the course I stumbled across a new type of blogs. Or, new to me, that is. And I got so fascinated I had to find more, and suddenly two hours had gone by.

The net seems to be filled with teenage-blogging. I call it teenage-blogging, as it seems to me that this type of blogging mainly is a teenage phenomenon. I have no idea if there is some cool fashionable name for it. Give me a shout if you know. Educate me!

Anyway. These blogs main purpose is to show off to the world the outfit of the day. Posts after posts after posts with a cutish girl posing in front of a door/window/closet in different outfits. A short description of the clothes, where they were purchased, and how much they love them will then follow. Every now and again this will be intersped with pictures of selected make-up, skincare products, new gadgets, and "this was what I ate for dinner". My fascination, and my horror, is that these blogs have lots, LOTS, of readers. Other kids come in the thousands to read these blogs every day. At the moment, the most popular blog here in the Old Country is blogged by a 14-year old girl. She has a staggering 80 000 readers every day. While blogging about it I got curious and had to have a quick peek at her blog again. The last post was posted yesterday at 10:51pm, which is roughly 12 hours ago. The post has a pic of a spaghetti sauce and has so far 139 comments. And it's not really a good pic, just a normal one.

And although I feel I shouldn't care less about these blogs on the ground that they are immature, uninteresting, and have no content whatsoever, I am still fascinated. Because obviously they are neither. 80 000 people cannot be so wrong. Which means that maybe, just maybe, I am the one in the wrong. I am getting old! There is no way around it. 80 000 kids think this is superinteresting, and I can't wrap my (old) head around it. Now, nail that coffin shut.

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