Thursday, 29 March 2012

Growing me a garden day 21

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My garden is growing. Almost thriving. Almost. I planted 10 Early Cascade tomato seeds, and so far 3 has sprouted. Out of 10 Arctic tomato seeds, only 2 has sprouted. Most of the strawberry seeds has sprouted, although not all, probably about 2/3 of the seeds. And I have 2 sprouts of my bell peppers. But, it is all good. I am pretty sure that I had too many plants crammed into too little space last year. I had 6-8 tomato plants in each big pot (it is big, but not that big), and about 20 strawberry plants in my strawberry pot. And it only resulted in me having to water the plants several times a day, as it wasn’t enough dirt to hold any moisture, and the plants growing slow and producing fruits really really late.
Although I planted the seeds in january and planted them out in may, most of the tomatoes were still green in september.

So, this year I am planning of having fewer plants in each pot, giving each plant more space and room to grow. And hopefully we will be able to enjoy both the tomatoes and strawberry before the first frost. I am aiming for 10 strawberry plants, 2 bell peppers, and 4 of each type of tomatoes.

I have also planted some basil seeds. They were quite old, as I bought them over a year ago. I have had them laying about in my cupboards in the kitchen, although for the past month they were moved into the fridge. So, I wasn’t sure whether they would sprout or not. But they did. The basil will stay indoors though, but it’s such a lovely herb to have on hand for the summer so I had to grow it.

I am also planning of growing carrots and spring onions. But those I will grow outside from the beginning.

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