Friday, 30 March 2012

Knitting for the newest member of the family

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Before last christmas we found out that we were expecting another member of the family in august. And now we are halfways there. I had several skeins of Drops Baby Alpaca Silk in my stash which I just couldn’t find the right project for. Well, I found it now. The yarn is so soft and lovely, and it makes the softest fabric for baby clothes.

A pattern I have had laying around in my ravelry-queue for ages is the Pepita by Martina Behm. I just fell in love with the cuteness of the garment, and not to mention the cuteness of the pics featured in the pattern.

I used 2,5 mm needles and about 2 skeins of Drops Baby Alpaca Silk in grey. I alterated the patterns slightly. Instead of knitting straps in the front AND back, and then button them on the top of the shoulder I rather wanted just straps in the back which would button in the front. I made two buttonholes in the straps which allows the overall to grow a bit with the baby. I also skipped the feets, although they looked adorable, and just went for a 2x2 ribbing for 25 rows, which can be folded up when the baby is little, and down when the baby grows. I bought the cutest buttons on eBay a while ago which are now coming into good use.

Then I really wanted to knit a onesie, but couldn’t really find a pattern I liked so this one was largely improvised. I wanted short arms and a raglan sleeve as I think they are pretty and fits well.

I used almost 1,5 skeins of Drops Baby Alpaca Silk in grey on 2,5 mm needles. I am thinking of putting on a pair of buttons a bit higher up in the crotch so the onesie can become a bit smaller. I guess I’ll wait and see when the baby is here.

I have been putting down notes on how I made this, so I guess I will put them out here and on ravelry soonish.

On an impulse I bought some lovely Sublime Extra Fine Merino DK on a sale which have been waiting for the right project. Out of two skeins of this hot bubblegum pink a small overall appeared. I started out thinking I wanted to knit the little one a dress (yes, it is a girl), but midway changed my mind seeing that the little one will spend most of its time on the back or being carried for the first 3 months, and dresses tends to roll up and gather up under arms and whatnot. So, decided to make it into an overall.

The overall has extra long straps with two buttonholes. When the baby grows the straps can be uncrossed as well, making the garment last even longer. This overall is tiny, only 45 cm from top to bottom, but I am hoping it will last through the whole first winter because of the long straps and the long ribbing on the legs.

The overall is pretty much based on my Grumpybum Monster Longies pattern with a few alterations to make it more suitable for a newborn. I used 2 skeins on 4 mm needles (20 stitches per 10 cm). This size is about newborn to 3 months, but I guess you could get 3 more months use out of it because of the long straps and ribbing. I will put out my notes on how I made this soon as well.

I am so happy with this overall. Both the color and how it ended up looking are just so darn cute. I can’t wait for the little one to be here so I can dress her up in this one with a white onesie underneath. Ah, the cuteness is killing me.

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