Friday, 13 April 2012

Wet N Wild Mega Last Lipstick - Love at first sight!

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As I am a stay-at-home mum at the moment I can't be bothered with putting on make-up on a daily basis. On the other hand I don't really want to leave the house completely bare-faced when I have to run to the shop or to the mall for some errand or whatever. But, for just a short trip into the world I can't be asked to apply a full face as I would want to take it off as soon as I get home anyway. Waste of time and energy. So what to do? I have decided that some cute lipstick can really do wonders for my looks. Put on some nice sunnies (to hide those completely nude eyes) and Bob's my uncle! Instantaneous glamorous!

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I have always loved a dark red lip, but have in the past mostly used it for nighttime. But lately I have been eyeing all these bright colours, like fuchsia pink and bright orange, which are popping up right, left, and centre, and I want in on it.

So, I have been searching the Internet for good lipsticks. And searching. And searching.  It hasn't been easy. I want the most bang for my buck (obviously), I want long-lasting, creamy but not with too much slip, opaque, and a drier formula as I hate having sticky lips. I can't stand lip gloss for that very reason. I love the look of lip gloss, and I will give it a go every second year or so. But within five minutes of applying said lip gloss I will have half my locks stuck to my lips - which is NOT a good look for me. Not to mention that my lip gloss will literally jump off my lips to every glass which happens to be within a ten-feet radius of me.

My go-to lipstick for the past 10 years have been two-system long-lasting lipsticks like Lipfinitiy from Max Factor or the like. When these babys went on they would not move. But, it irked me that it was so hard to remove the lipstick in the evening and I felt the range of colours were somewhat limited. 

So, it was time to find me a new lipstick. But it was hard. Very hard. And it didn't get easier as I couldn't swatch the lipsticks or see the colours for my self. I looked high and low. Either the lipsticks got bad reviews, or they were too sheer, or not long-lasting enough, or too pricey, or the colours weren't exciting... You know the drill.

Picture nicked from Lipglossiping
But then I came across a short review by Lipglossiping of some lipsticks from Wet N Wild in Purty Persimmon and Don't Blink Pink, and I was intrigued. I instantly went to eBay to the same seller (senoritadelsol) as Lipglossiping had gotten hers, and promptly placed an order for Stoplight Red (a bright blue-toned red), Mauve Outta Here (with blue-pink undertones), Ravin' Raisin (a dark purple-ish), Coral-ine (a bright red-orange), and Cherry Picking (a bright pink-red). The seller is located in US, so the products including shipping to the very north of Europe set me back about US$21, which I think is VERY reasonable for five lipsticks.

From left to right: Ravin' Raisin, Cherry Picking, Coral-ine, Mauve Outta Here, Stoplight Red
And it was LOVE at first sight! As soon as I opened the small package and saw the lipsticks rolling out onto my table I knew I would love these. The colours are spectacular and so vibrant. And they go on fully opaque, true to colour, and semi-matte. I have read that some thought that they were a bit drying on the lip, but I didn't find them so at all. I love the texture. I like my slipstick to be a bit dryer for a full coverage. When I mash my lips together I do feel a bit of slip, and the colour do transfer to the glass when I drink, but not overly so. I can definitely see them lasting a long time on the lip. I was wearing Cherry Picking around the house, and after 4 hours, including lunch and a small nap, the colour was as fresh as when I put it on. The lipstick can also be blotted down to a full on stain which do not transfer and I can see will last even longer on the lip. There is no smell or taste to the product, which is also great.

The only downside to these lipstick is the casing, as numerous others have noted. The packaging look a tad cheap, but I don't really feel that to be an issue. But, the cap is really difficult to get off, and as the product juts a bit up from the bottom casing it is really easy to ick the lipstick when you take the cap off. I can also feel the lipstick rattle a bit inside the casing, and I could feel the lipstick move a bit when I applied it, which means it is a bit loose. Hopefully it won't fall out. I have seen others overcome this problem by melting the lipstick down into small cases, and then applying it on the lip using a lip pencil.

From left to right: Coral-ine, Stoplight Red, Mauve Outta Here, Cherry Picking, Ravin' Raisin
Coral-ine -  A bright corally-red with orange undertones. Really liked this one. Can see myself using this a lot this summer as it feels fresh and bright and summerly.

Stoplight Red - A really bright bright red with blue undertones. Very 50s and classy. Will look gorgeous with a winged black eyeliner.

Mauve Outta Here - A bit lighter than what I was expecting. Maybe my least favourite at first, but that changed completely after I tried it on. I LOVE THIS! Very wearable.

Cherry Picking -  A hot pink leaning heavily towards red on my lips. Looks almost red inside, but the pink truly shines in natural light. Looks stunning on.

Ravin' Raisin -  A bit darker and more purple than I initially thought it would be. Very vampy-looking, can see my self using this for a night-time look. Or blotted down to a (very) dark stain or daytime wear.

It was such love that within 10 minutes of swatching the lipsticks on my lips I was in front of my computer placing another order from senoritadelsol for another 5 lipsticks from Wet N Wild. This time I went for Bare It All (a nude), Purty Persimmon (bright orange), Dollhouse Pink (barbie pink), Don't Blink Pink (hot blue-ish pink), and Cinnamon Spice (dark wine-red). I can't wait to see these ones as well.

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