Wednesday, 28 January 2009

The gadgets we cannot live without...

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The other day i thought about how many totally useless things that have been invented, or things that are created to make our life easier in one way or another... Take for instant my calculator... when i bought it, i was going to start studying physics and chemistry at uni, so i convinced my self that i needed this really expensive and ultra-functional calculator. when i came home with it, i relished in reading the user-manual, delighted over all the things this calculator could do, and eager to start to learn how i could operate it properly... but, somehow along the way i never did take the time to learn how to operate it. Of course, i learnt how to do all the basic things, but the extras i never seemed to have the time to learn. For God's sake, i could make small animations on that calculator... which was REALLY kewl for about a week... No, that's wrong... it's still really kewl, and i luv to tell ppl that I can make small animations on it, and ppl tend to oooh and aaah a lot when i do tell them. But, even tho it's really kewl, when do i ever NEED to make small animations on my calculator... actually, when do i ever need to make small animations, questionmark. Ok, back on track again... i don't study physics and chemistry anymore, and i still haven't experienced one incident that i felt i really needed to make small animations... i know my calculator can do probably a zillion things i don't know about. It could probably make coffee and run a bath if i only could figure out how... but, i don't really try to figure out these things either... i am happy that i know it can do these things, and content with not having to find out how...

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