Thursday, 29 January 2009

Night times

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My eyes don't really work now. They feel like someone has poured sand in them - gritty... I do like sitting up during the night in front of the computer. Somehow I feel really productive, and dedicated (the little fact that I am not productive and dedicated at all just passes me by...). And it feels kind of nice to be up when everyone is asleep. I feel like I have the world for my self... It's all dark outside, and it's really quiet, and the air is cold and crisp... Somewhere, I can hear cars driving, but here, here I am all alone. On a little quiet island of light in this big dark world. I am pondering about all the others which are awake now, sitting on their little islands of light. Somewhere out there... There will be other windows with light, other people sitting in front of their computer, having a break from whatever they are doing, looking out of the window, and I feel a pleasant calmness...

Sometimes I think I forget to just be... It's too easy to neglect to just be during daytime. Most of the times I am too busy doing something, or if I aren't doing anything, very often I will then be too busy NOT doing something... I should just be more. Night times shouldn't be wasted with sleep or work, nigh times should be used to procrastinate, to think, to be, to stare...

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