Thursday, 29 January 2009

Do stop the music!

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I have got a new pet peeve. It is something which has been annoying me off and on for the last few years, but unfortunately it seems to be more and more common, which results in me being annoyed more and more often.

Music on web pages!!!!

The first few times I came across it it was novel and rather cool. I thought it was a nice touch and a clever way of personalising a page. But, not for long. It soon became clear that the background music on various pages which i visited not necessarily matched so well with my taste in music. And, I soon realised that although more and more people seemed to have figured out how to put background music onto their pages, not all of them had likewise figured out how to put a mute button in as well.

Now, granted I am not strictly speaking supposed to but don't we all, I like to do a bit of recreational surfing during business hours. This tend to happen a bit concealed (due to reason mentioned beforehand) and on the lowkey, and I am a true master in switching to a more work-related window if there is any higher-in-command, and sometimes equal-in-command, closing in on my workspace. But, not only can strange bits of music occasionally be heard from my station, but it is also a dead give-away that you might not be working too hard on those excel sheets as you were supposed to...

Additionally, when surfing on the net in my own private time, I often enjoy listening to music which I have stored on my computer. When I then encounter pages with their own music on it creates a quite non-pleasant clash of sounds, which most often results in me shutting down the window with the web page with the offending music.

Well, I will admit that this might not rank high up on the 'most-annoying' list or even on the public 'annoying things worthwhile to blog about' list. However, it's my party (or blog as it is), and I can do what I want to...

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