Friday, 10 September 2010

Eyes and teeth for Grumpybum Monsterlongies

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Several people have asked me to post a pattern for eyes and teeth for the Grumpybum Monster longie, so here goes :-)


Upper tooth

Lower tooth


  1. My mother in law knots and is attempting to make these for my daughter. She is a little confused about the instructions after the mouth.

    "Change back to C1.
    K 4 rounds. On the last round PM A after 21 (23) stitches, PM B after 4 (4) stitches, PM C after 42 (46) stitches, and PM D after 4 (4) stitches."

    She is wondering what PM A, PM B, PM C and PM D are.

    1. Hi, and sorry for late reply. But, as someone already has pointed out, PM means place marker. So, after 21/23 stitches you will place your first marker (A), then you will knit 4 more stitches before placing another marker (B), and so on... Good luck :-)

  2. PM usually means 'place marker'. so she would end up with 4 markers to knit between

  3. Do you knit the eyes and teeth separately, and then sew them on as appliques? You do not knit them into the pattern as you are knitting the pants?