Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Avacado shake

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The very first time I had avacado shake was in a bowlinghall run by a vietnamese. This was more or less the first time I had avacado, so I still didn’t have the notion that most westerners have that avacado is to be used in savory dishes. Later I have come to realise how odd most westerners think this shake is, but it is still one of my favourite one. I am sure that my recipe is nothing like the original as I have made mine by guessing and tasting later on.

Normally I would blend one ripe avacado with some sweet condenced milk in a blender (mushin it up with a fork and stirring the milk in also works if no blender is available). Just like this it is very thick and almost pudding-like. I have plans of making this into some kind of dessert, but haven’t gotten around to it yet. Anyway, then I add some milk until it’s pourable, and pour it into a tall glass full of ice. Drink with a straw. Yummy!!!

If no condenced milk is available, the avacado can be blended (or mushed) with normal milk and sugar to taste.

As LCHF has banned milk I blend my avacado with cream and water and add a bit of artificial sweetener to it. Into a tall glass with ice. This is so good, and I am quite happy about being able to drink this to my heart’s content. Wanderbaby, which is 20 months now, has also a taste for this drink, and will come running with an open mouth like a hungry babybird as soon as he sees the green shake.

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