Sunday, 13 March 2011

Cream cake with a strawberry twist

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It was hubby’s birthday, and my family was to come over for cake and coffee to celebrate the birthday boy. So, it was time to make a cake. My family like cream cake, thus I decided to make one for the party. But, instead of the traditional one, with plain cream, canned fruit, and strawberry jam, I decided to try to make a fancier version.


I first had to make a sponge cake. I have never made a sponge cake before, so I was a bit apprehensive about it as I have been told that it’s horribly difficult. But, one time has to be the first.

I started out with 6 eggs and 180g sugar, and whipped it until it had at least doubled in volume. I only have a handheld mixer and it took me about 10 minutes on high. Then, I mixed 180g plain four and 1 tsp. baking soda, and the slowly sifted and folded it into the egg/sugar mix. Poured the batter into a circle shaped cake form, and baked it in the oven on 160C for 45 minutes.


And it turned out beautifully!! Look how high that beauty is!

As this cooled down, I started to prepare the creams for the cake. I decided on making a strawberry cream and a chocolate one. I started out with heating and crushing 200g of frozen strawberries. I only used a fork to crush the strawberries, but I think that I will use a mixer next time, as I had a bit larger bits in it than I would have preferred. Then I mixed in a pack of strawberry jello powder.


Then I let it cool a bit, and then stirred in 100g of Philadelphia cream cheese. I didn’t wait for it to cool down enough, so my cheese melted a bit, and the mixture became a bit too runny.



I then whipped 2dl cream until fluffy, and carefully folded it into the strawberry mix.



And this is the end result. Munchkin quality checked the whole process, every step on the way, and lots of the finished product, and deemed it yummy and moreish.


The chocolate cream was made by melting 50g of chocolate in 1 dl of cream over low heat, don’t let the cream boil. Then cool it completely, and whip. My cream separated a bit at the end, it still tasted yummy, but didn’t look to hot. As the chocolate cream was to be used inside the layers and not on the top, I decided to still use it though.


I then started to construct the cake. First, I divided my sponge cake into three layers.


All the layers got a good drizzle of cream to make them more moist. The first layer got strawberry cream and chopped bananas.


Then, the second layer was chocolate cream and chopped bananas (bananas, cream, strawberries, and chocolate – can’t really go wrong there).


And then the third layer was put on, and the whole cake covered with more strawberry cream. I then decorated with a bit of chocolate shavings, silver pearls, and flowers made from banana.


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