Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Sewing thread

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I have started on a haruni as a present for my mum's birthday. As I only have about three weeks to finish this shawl, I decided to go for the simpler version and knit the main body of the shawl in stockinette.
A while ago I purchased some yarn from eBay. This was when I had just started out knitting again, so when the yarn arrived and it turned out it was more like sewing thread than the proper yarn I used on my 4mm needles, it did scare me a tad. Additionally, this was also pure silk, and I do find it hard to use anything beautiful if I don't have the perfect project or purpose for it (thus ending up with a lot of beautiful things lying around gathering dust until they get too old to use or suchlike... Don't even get me started on chocolate which would turn white and uneatable in my drawer while I waited for the perfect time to eat it). Anyway, both these predicaments made for a swift placement of the yarn in my closet where it would wait in peace until I could knit with sewing thread and I'd found the perfect project.
Well, that day is today. Or so I think. The yarn has a lovely mustard color which I think my mum would so appreciate. It is silk, and who wouldn't be impressed by that. But it's so thin! And I mean THIN! It's literally like knitting with sewing thread (this is a lie, I don't know how it feels to knit with sewing thread, I have never tried it, but you know, artistic freedom and all that), and I start to worry that when the whole shawl is finished it will be more like a spider's web rather than a usable shawl. Can a lace shawl get to be too lacey, too spindery?
On the upside, I do see that the amount of yarn I have will probably last me for another couple of years. That's definitely a good thing with very very thin yarn, you do get a lot of yardage out of 400g.

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