Wednesday, 23 March 2011

It grows, it grows

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The kitchen garden is coming up strong now.


And suddenly all the strawberry plants have sprouted. I am so so excited about the strawberries. Just thinking about being able to eat our own homegrown strawberries puts a smile on my face.


But, surprisingly enough, I though I only had 10 seeds, but somehow I ended up with 15 tiny seedlings. Not that I am complaining, more is (almost) always better.

I have tried to talk to munchkin about it, but he isn’t too impressed nor interested. The first couple of days after I had sown the seeds, he would come over and have a look at the pots, but then it dabbed off. especially when he realized that he wasn’t allowed to play with the spray can (a small accident involving a happy 2-year old, a spray can, and a rather wet mobile phone belonging to mummy put an abruptly end to that).

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