Saturday, 26 January 2013

Travelling with children: Krabi Walking Street Market

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After having spent a few hours cooling down at the room, and little sister and mommy had a little sleep, we headed into Krabi town. Krabi Walking Street Market takes place every weekend and is particularly known for its range of food. Just up our alley :-D.

We hired a private tuk-tuk to take us there, wait for us, and then take us back. But we could have hitched a ride on the public tuk-tuks which runs on the road by the beach. They pretty much operate like a bus, and will pick up and drop off passengers on the way.

The market was everything we hoped for and more. There were food everywhere. We started out with bbq pork on skewers which were delicious. Then we came across chubby squid tentacles on skewers which we also had to try. We came across a stall which sold henna tattoos, and big brother ended up with a gecko on his forearm. Then there were more food. Big brother and mommy shared a waffle before we headed towards the middle of the market which were set up with a stage and lots of tables and chairs. While little sister got some yummy for her tummy, daddy went around looking for more morsels he wanted to try. So then there was deep fried shrimps, more squid skewers, some more pork skewers (but different from the first one), chicken skewers, and a spicy mango salad. And all this was washed down with a cold beer for daddy and watermelon shake for big brother and mommy.

At that time we were ready to head back, but even though we were about to burst we felt we couldn't leave without getting some snacks to take back to the room. Well, we might have gone a bit overboard. One whole salt baked fish, two chicken skewers, a bagful of crispy chicken drumsticks, and three roti filled with bananas and drenched in chocolate sauce came home with us for an evening feast.

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