Thursday, 31 January 2013

Travelling with children: Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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The view from our balcony at Aqua Boutique Guesthouse, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Our main reason for this 9-week-long trip in Asia was to spend time with hubby’s family in Cambodia. The extra countries (Thailand, Malaysia, South-Korea) were just extras, added on by me when I got a bit too caught up in buying plane tickets, and a bit too immersed in my memories of when I used to backpack around Asia. Additionally, I have since before I reproduced, claimed that travelling can be done with children, and I am damned if I will be proved wrong. 

So after a week in Thailand we arrived in Cambodia where we spent two nights in Phnom Penh catching up with old friends. I lived in Phnom Penh for three years, that’s how I met the hubby, and some of my old friends are still around.

We stayed at a great little guesthouse called Aqua Boutique Guesthouse where we paid US$45 for an apartment for three included breakfast. Can’t fault that. The more we are travelling, the more we appreciate the ability to shut the door to the bedroom. For all of us to stay in a normal hotel room is doable, but slightly inconvenient. And it also means that the kiddies won’t go to bed before we do. Being able to put the kiddies to bed and then go and sit in another room was a luxury we hadn’t had since we left home. The breakfast at the hotel was the normal fare. Eggs – fried, scrambled, or omelet – a side of bacon and tomato, two toasts with butter and jam, juice or coffee, and a small plate of fresh fruit. The staff was very helpful and happy and the location is pretty smack bam in the middle of town.

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