Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The Siam Paragon in Bangkok

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So thenTook a tuk tuk to the Siam Paragon in Bangkok. Were thinking of visiting the Siam Ocean World, but decided not to when we realised the entrance ticket was 1100 bath per adult and 900 bath per child. Instead we went windows shopping admiring all the chanel and prada and whatnot and had some food at the food court. A bit later we met up with a friend of the hubby from back home and went for a lovely lunch at a Thai suki restaurant. Suki is a type of soup where you will get a burner and a pot of stock on the table, and then you can order different type of vegs and meats to put in according to your taste and preferences. We ended up bying a selection of seafood, some nice duck, and lots of different vegetables, mushrooms, and fungus.

Then we went for a walk around the Paragon and Siam Centre. There were lots of interesting displays in Siam Centre.

And of course the best toilet sign ever :-).

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