Monday, 27 September 2010

Another session at eBay

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Well, we are going to be proffesional lunch-makers for Munchkin. After having read about some fancy egg-shapers in an blog for parents, I had to check them out myself, so I ran to eBay. And of course, eBay did not let me down, and I found the egg-shapers as well as tons of other stuff you need to have in order to make creative and lovely lunch boxes to your offspring. After having browsed and compared I finally decided on these: egg_shapers_fish_carEgg-shapers in the shape of a fish and a car…

egg_shapers_rabbit_bear …and a rabbit and a bear. You take a freshly cooked egg, while it is still warm, de-shell it and then pop it into one of these molds. Then let it sit in the fridge for 5 minutes, and voila, fun-looking eggs. Can’t wait to try these :-).

Additionally, as Munchkin is a small rice-fiend, these can also be used to make fun-shaped rice-balls. How fun is that. Kiddy-style sushi!

I bought the egg-shapers from ctriasha on eBay, and they set me back $6 and $3 for shipping from Japan (all the way from Jaaaapaaaan).

bread_cutter_animals And then I also ended up with some sandwich cutters. You make a sandwich, and then you squash this mold down on it, and you en dup with lots of mini-sandwiches in fun shapes. This turns the sandwich into a bird, a heart, a tulip, and a fish…


… and this one makes a car, a boat, a lorry, and a bus (methinks, the picture wasn’t too clear). Munchkin is going to love me! These ones were bought from kaczan*bento on eBay, and set me back $3,49 a piece, so $6,98 total for both, and $6,98 for shipping all the way from Hong Kong.

And of course, then mummy had to buy something as well. So I ended up with three Konad image plates. The real stuff this time, and not fauxnad. So far I am quite happy with my fauxnad, and I am sure I will purchase more of them, as they are a fraction of the cost of the real Konad. But, I really wanted some designs that covered the whole nails, and I couldn’t really find any fauxnad which did that. Fauxnad tend to be shipped on random, so the pictures shown on eBay might not be the image plates you are actually receiving. I had a look at Bundle Monster, and they do have som designs which are supposed to cover the whole nail, but there are several comments around about how small they are, and how they don’t cover the whole nail. So, therefore decided to shell out for some proper konads with BIG designs :-).

konad M70Konad M73 Konad M74So, these are the ones I ended up with. Konad image plates M70, M73, and M74. I am so excited, and am so looking forward to get them. I bought these ones from konad2u on eBay, and they set me back $6,80 a piece with free shipping from Malaysia. Got to love Asia – so much fun stuff to be had from there.

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