Monday, 20 September 2010

Got stamps?

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My nail stamps arrived from Hong Kong today, and I had to try them out. A tad difficult as I was also making munchkin's birthday cake at the same time. But, I am not unhappy with the result. With a bit more practice it will be perfect.

But, I had to make the same mistake as countless before me. I sat down, so excited, with my stamp, my nail polish, and my image plate. I put the nail polish on the plate, and swiped off the rest of the polish. But the damned polish didn't stick to the plate, and there was no chance in hell it would transfer to the stamp. After about 10 tries, I was really upset that I had managed to get the one bad set from Hong Kong, and was whining to Hubby. And then it hit me. The plastic! Yes, after having read about others who forgot to remove the plastic from the image plates, and sniggered a bit of them, I myself do the same mistake. So good that I can never learn from someone else's mistake, even not when I intend to.

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