Monday, 6 September 2010

Latvian Garden Blanket and 2,5mm needles

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Inspired by my younger brother’s soon to arrive first child I knew I had to make her something awesome! In addition, when I asked my younger brother whether or not they liked knitted stuff, he answered rather diplomatic (or not so) that they liked *insert pause* quality… Which I assume is he’s way of telling me that he do not quite think me able to make something of “quality”.

Which of course just made me even more determined to shower knitted stuff over my little niece as soon as she enters this world. But, I knew that my first gift had to be amazing! IT. HAD. TO.

After researching a bit I decided on Drops Extra Fine Merino, as it is just so so soft and it doesn’t need to be handwashed. Got to love that for new parents. Actually, I can’t really understand why you have to handwash most babywool. I mean, if there is anyone who need to be able to just stuff clothes into the washer it has to be new parents.


Anyway, a while ago I came over this beautiful beautiful pattern, Latvian Garden Baby Blanket. Not to be deferred by the fact that I hardly have ever knitted with multiple strands of yarn, nor have made anything requiring a steek, nor lined any knitting beforehand, I decided that this would be the perfect gift for the newborn.

This blanket is on tiny tiny 2,5mm needles. And I am quite apprehensive about making a whole – WHOLE – blanket using such tiny needles. I love the way the pattern looks when using tiny needles, but the time people, the time! But alas, nothing but the best for new (and only) niece to come.

babyteppe_ferdig_sying6_lite_mediumI have knitted two repeats of the heart pattern and am already feeling bored. I mean, the blanket is going to be beautiful – for sure. I chose natural white for background color, lavender for the hearts, and limegreen for the pattern in the middle. And so far it looks lovely. But it is so boring…

IMG_0196 - CopySo, decided to cast on something that can be knitted without having to think so much. Because of the different colors and tension and whatnot, the blanket is quite a mental exhausting task for a novice such as myself. So, decided to cast on Steggie in wool for Munchkin. I wouldn’t really claim the Steggie to be a mindless knit, but as I made one earlier this summer I am pretty sure this one won’t take to much thinking on my behalf. Which is perfect.

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