Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Rhinestones from eBay

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I bought new nail polish from elf, and I got some rhinestones from eBay. The rhinestones set me back $1,53 and $4 for shipping for 3600 stones in different colors. Yup, you heard me :-). I am addicted to eBay now. I'll find stuff I didn't even know existed, and they all cost a pittance, and is shipped free from Hong Kong. So amazing!!

What I think of the rhinestones? Well, I like them, but maybe mostly because they were 3600 pcs for $4,50 incl shipping. How can one not like that. For the stones themselves, well, they are not that sparkly. They look sparkly in the box, but as soon as they are one the nail and you give them a coating of clear nailpolish, they lose almost all of their sparkle. I tried to put them on and not put a topcoat on and it did look better, but more prone to fall off though.

Additionally, the back of the stones are flat and smooth, and I found that to be kind of tricky to put them on the nail and give them a good push into the nailpolish without them sliding a bit. It got better with a bit of practice, but still some sliding occured. I am not sure if there are other solutions to this, as these are the first rhinestones for nails I have ever had. Although I did buy som nail art ages ago which admitely weren't rhinestones, but they were cut in the same way thus being sparkly, and the back were hollow. I guess you can say they were more like tiny jewel-shaped shells in pretty colours. I liked those as I was able to really push them into the nailpolish, and they stuck like nobody's business!

Anyway, I will def buy these again though. I have already been on eBay looking at smaller sized rhinestones. The ones I got was 2,1mm, and I do like the size, but it would be fun to have different sized ones. I found someone who is selling the 1,5mm ones for $1,34 for 1800 pcs with free shipping, and I am really tempted to buy them. Now, how is that possible? How can they possible earn anything with that price? I mean, just to post a normal letter from Hong Kong to Europe would at least cost $1,34.

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