Sunday, 26 September 2010

Blue flowers with a blue french tip

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I put on a base coat and then a light metalic blue over the whole nail. I love this polish and have used it a lot. In the picture it doesn’t seem like the bottle I am holding is the same one as the one I am wearing on my nails, but it is.

IMG_1868I then made a darker blue french tip. I used tape to make the edge nice and crisp. Just normal scotch tape will do. However, make sure that the firt layer of polish has properly dried before putting the tape on, if not the tape will dent the polish.


Finally I stamped on blue flowers using the fauxnad, and then adding some rhinestones to the middle of the flowers.


I do like it. It’s a bit understated while giving the impression of a complicated mani. But, am not soo sure about the rhinestones. I love the idea of rhinestones, but am not too happy about the 3-D quality of them. I like my nails to be flat, lest they snag on everything and the stones fall off.

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