Thursday, 13 August 2009


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DSCN4140After wanting to knit this bolero from Pickles for ages I accidentally walked in on a yarn sale at Oslo City. Yarn from Drops were discounted up to 40% and thus I couldn’t resist. Fortunately they only had a couple of types of yarn from Drops, and I ended up with a pile of cotton-viscose in different colours and a smaller pile of cotton-linen in beige. Some of the cotton-viscose ended up as a top for Linnea, the adorable and rather cheeky daughter of a friend of mine, and the cotton-linen ended up as a bolero. Now, I started optimistic as one do, but then it got slow. The gist of this bolero is that it is knitted as a circle which means that one ends up with lots (and I mean LOTS) of stiches on ones needles, and all those stiches have to be knitted – again and again and again. So, halfway through the first side I put the needles down, and it took me over a month to pick them back up again. Seeing that the bolero was meant to be a summer garment, something light and easy to throw over my summer dresses or suchlike, it soon became evident that there was sorely little summer left to use it i. And it would be even less if I didn’t get my act together and DID SOME KNITTING. However, after I started up again, it only took me three more days to finish the whole thing, including sewing the pieces together and sew in all the loose ends :-).

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