Friday, 28 August 2009

A chair for Wanderbaby

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So, went to Ikea and got Wanderbaby his own small chair. Not so much because we needed a small chair, but more so because he looked so cuuuuute in it. But, as the chair didn’t come with any type of pillow or padding, and the rattan looked a bit uncomfy, I decided to also make a pillow for it.


Thus we also bought one of the comforters and we came across this blue fleece-like blanket on sale. So, with some needles, a pair of scissors, newspaper to make a pattern from, and some yarn, I was ready to go.


After using the newspaper to measure the size of the chair, cut the blanket into the right shape, I then stiched the edging with the yarn. I thought as the fabric was a bit like felt that it would look rather handsome with a visible rough type of stitch. I remember making a doll once at primary school where the teacher taught us this stitch. Not sure about the name for it, but sooo easy to do.


Then it was time to ripe the comforter apart, and use the filling inside to fill my pillow. A couple of stitches to mimic buttons (and to hold the filling in place), and tadaaaa, the pillow was all done!!!!

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