Saturday, 15 August 2009

Flowerbasket shawl

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DSCN4178 I am proving to be extremely efficient these days. Not only did I finish my bolero a couple of days ago, but my dreaded-never-to-be-finished shawl is also finished!!! Tadaaa!!! This one took me literally forever. As in for-eeeever!!! I first knitted it with size 3 needles, but seeing that the yarn is made from wool and more suited for socks than light breezy shawls, it ended up being very tight and compact. So, I unravelled the lot and started over, this time on size 8 needles (no, there are no such thing as in-between). Although it did look a bit scary in the beginning when the wholes were so big that the pattern disappeared and it all looked messy and holey, I stuck with it – and stuck with it. As I also knitted the shawl on yarn that had recently been unravelled, the kinks in the yarn made the shawl look even more crumbled up and messy. But, after a fair bit of unsureness and a boredom (it’s all fun in the beginning, but the end is a lesson in monotony with hundreds and hundreds og stiches on each row…) I finally were able to cast off and all hearts rejoiced. After having soaked it, and having done a rather poor job blocking it, I musst admit I was rather pleasently suprised by the shawl that emerged. The pattern looks lovely and the whole shawl has a lovely spindely quality to it, as well as beeing rather warm.

But, next shawl will be knitted in mohair.

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