Sunday, 16 August 2009

A Starter for Sourdough Bread

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I decided to be a good mum and make my own bread so that munchkin could have yummy homemade bread in his packed lunch for kindergarten. Last time I tried, the more chewy texture of my no-knead bread proved to be too chewy for muchkin’s limited chewing abilities and he ended up gagging on it a bit too much for my liking. So, we went back to store-bought bread. But as munchkin has now greatly improved his chewing skills and eating skills in general, and is now devouring dried apricots, hard rice, and everything else by the fistfull, I have now decided that the time has come to try again.

So, after having mixed all the dry ingredients I then discovered that we didn’t have more yeast. As it was a sunday there was thus no yeast to be had that day. But then I remembered, hadn’t I read something about a bread, sourdough was it?, that was made without yeast? Or with some kind of homemade yeast? So I fell on the laptop and 10 minutes later my first batch of starter was in a jar and ready to go.
And of course, into a cold oven with just the light on. According to the net this would create the perfect environment for my starter to grow and develop. Hubby did have a peek at it some 12 hours later and somewhat bemused noticed that whatever it was that I were baking, it didn’t look very good.

Now, don’t think about the starter needing about 4 days to get ready, and after it’s done and ready to create wonderful sourdough bread from, one will still need to use another 12 hours for the bread to rise and suchlike.

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