Monday, 17 August 2009

Bonnet for a newborn

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Today, hubby told me that on friday he is going to visit a girl from his school who gave birth to her first child just a couple of days ago. He also wondered what he was supposed to bring. Seeing that we are kind of on an extremely tight budget this month any gift would have to be on the cheap side. But, as I am currently in a racer-knitting-mode I decided that if one cannot buy one will make. And it doesn’t hurt that I am dyyyying to knit cuuuute girlie things. I mean, I love having a boybaby, but one cannot deny that there are more cutsy things for girls in the clothes department. So, after surfing a bit on the net looking for a knitting pattern for cute baby booties, I ended up with a really cute pattern for a baby bonnet from Drops. As the only girly colours I had left in my yarn pile were the beige and hot pink from Linnea’s top, those would have to do.


So, after a few (too many) false starts things are finally getting somewhere. I love the colour combination though!

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