Friday, 21 August 2009

Tilapia fish a la The Wandering Lady

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Hubby has been oogling the Tilapia fish in our local Asia shop for weeks now, and finally he put his foot down and decided that this would be on the menu this weekend. I had never heard the name of it before, but could remember eating it in Asia on various occations. So, after having googled the name and had a look at recipes on the net I made up my mind how to cook it.

I made a stew from spinach and mushrooms, lots of garlic, pepper, and lemon, which I filled the fish with. Then I heated up more grated garlic, pepper, lemon, and oil in a frying pan, and then poured it over the fish. The fish was then placed in a hot oven for 40 minutes. When done (the skin on top was nice and crisp and the flesh firm and flaky) I poured over oil made with lemon, garlic, pepper, and spring onion.

Although it seemed like a lot of lemon and garlic, it was in fact too little. The amount of garlic was fine, but next time I will have to use more lemon. The fish was absolutely divine. Absolutely something which will be on our menu again!

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