Monday, 24 August 2009

Bonnet for a newborn II

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The bonnet was dult wrapped and delivered to hubby’s friend, and then tried on. So, this mummy has obviously forgot how small newborn babies are, because the poor thing almost drowned in the bonnet. Oh well, she will grow into it though. Anyway, seeing that it was knitted from cotton it would be more appropiate in the spring.

Then a kiddy from Wanderbaby’s kindergarten had her first birthday, so this crafty mum decided to make her a present as well (yup, any excuse to make cute pink things for girls…).


After a bit of looking for something cute to make on the net, I decided to try to crochet a hat for her. I haven’t crocheted since childhood, and were a bit curious how it could be.



But, the end result turned out pretty darn good if I might say. And crocheting is so fast compared to knitting. This hat, flower and all, took me less than a day to finish up. Looking at it makes me long for a small girl for my own though…

The pattern were also from Drops, which has lots of great and free patterns for both knitting and crocheting (and no, I do not get paid for promoting the site (‘’,)).

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