Friday, 18 June 2010

Christmas in June

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Inspired by Monstermønster I have decided to start making a advent calendar for Wanderboy. I wanted to make one last year, but didn't because of a) lack of time, and b) i didn't really think Wanderboy would appreciate one, him being only one years old at that time. But, I guess he will be more aware of the delights of christmas this year.

I have been looking at a couple of designs, but can't really make up my mind yet. I would love to make on in cross-stitching, as Monstermønster is doing as I like the idea of something long lasting and old-school, but on the other hand those are also the very reasons I might not want to go for cross-stitching, that I will end up feeling it is too old-fashioned. I am also quite taken with Pickles' advent calendar. This calendar is just too cute, but then it was this about the longevity of the calendar. I feel this is a bit too whimsical. This is a calendar you would have to remake every few years or so, as it would be worn and a bit tattered.

I found these patterns at Ellen Maurer-Stroh's site of free cross stitch patterns, and these are just perfect!!! I love them! But then again, because it always have to be a but, now I worry about time. Will a be able to finish by advent though. It's a huge project. And then I started thinking about what if we get another wanderbaby, which I am pertty sure we will, then should they have one calendar each or should they share? And if they will have one each I would like the calendars to have the same feel and look, but where will I find another pattern similar to this one? Argh, too many ifs. ..

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