Sunday, 13 June 2010

What voice?

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I find myself to be a very inconsistent blogger. Both timewise, I don’t blog as often as I would like to, and regarding my voice. With the first clearly being a result of the second. As I haven’t really found my voice yet, I find it hard to blog, although I really really like to do it more. But, I haven’t quite figured out what to blog about. Lately it has been a lot about my crafts, such as knitting and suchlike, or about food, or this or that. As I’m not sure whether that’s what I want to blog about, I tend to write posts about stuff months after they happen, thus ending more up with dull summarys rather than interesting blogs.

This all comes down to my idea, right or wrong, that blogs should have a clear voice and topic. Most of the blogs I find interesting do have a very clear theme and voice. I know what I am getting.

But I would like to blog more. So maybe my own expectations, to which I am failing terribly, are the problems. Maybe if I just forget about finding my voice and my topic before I blog I will blog more. So I guess that’s what I am going to try.

As I have mentioned earlier I have been trying out LCHF lately without much success. I guess because I wasn’t able to commit to it fully. I would eat mostly LCHF, but then I would have a slip-up and eat something with carbs. the slip-ups weren’t big, so I convinced myself that they didn’t matter, and that lots of people lost lots of weight even though they didn’t give up carbs completely. Well, a couple of months down the road I am exactly the same size, and I guess the same weight (no bath scale). But this isn’t so. As with most diets you can’t both ahve your cake and eat it too.

I think my problem is such a common one. I get too focused on the long-term goal. Wanting it to happen by this evening. With minimal efforts. If I have been good the whole morning, then I feel entitled to cheat a little in the evening. And then, by then end of the week, there is no change sizewise, prompting me to have a snack of something that I shouldn’t because, a) I feel bad about myself, b) I will be good again tomorrow, and c) it doesn’t matter anyway because obviously this diet doesn’t work on me as I conveniently forget all the late evening cheats. The mere thought of never eating carbs again is pretty daunting, scary even. Thus making it too easy to just have this one, and this one, and this one, and then be good tomorrow.

So, trying to combat this I will focus on small and short. Yes, small is good! So, starting tomorrow I will try to see what happens if I eat strictly LCHF for one week. One week is doable, I should be  am able to commit to one week, I would be able to can give up carbs completely for one week. It’s just a week. If it turned out to have been to hard I can always go back to carbs after that one week. One week is nothing! So, I have taken out my measuring tape and I will measure myself tonight, and then again next sunday evening. Wish me luck!

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