Monday, 14 June 2010

Day 1 - Summary

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8am. Arrived at my desk at work and found a bag of dried apricots. Opened it and bit into one. Froze. Had a quick debate in my head whether or not dried apricots were allowed this week. Decided they were. Decided they weren’t. Spat out the apricot. Hid the bag behind the computer screen.

10am. Spent most of the morning trying to decide if I could or could not, whether I would or would not eat crisp bread for lunch. Decided that one wouldn’t hurt. Decided it would. Decided it wouldn’t. Decided it would. Decided it wouldn’t. Decided it would. Decided it wouldn’t. Decided it would. Decided it wouldn’t. Decided it would. Decided it wouldn’t. Decided it would.

11am. Went for lunch. Had a small salad with three meatballs, a bit of tunasalad and an egg. Looked at the crisp bread. Thought It’s just one week. One week is doable. Walked away. Felt very good about myself.

1pm. Felt that since I had been so good I could have a dried apricot. After all, it was just an apricot, It wasn’t like it was a piece of bread or a potato. Reached for the apricots. Hesitated. Kept repeating to myself It’s just one week. It’s just one week. You can do this for one week. Pushed the bag away.

2pm. Discovered the apricots again. Made a rash decision and threw them all in the trash. Felt very good about myself.

2.05pm. Decided that throwing out the apricots were a really bad idea. Repeated It’s just a week. You can do one week. Next week you can eat all the apricots you can.

5pm. Came home, found out hubby had made dinner. Thai curry with carrots and mushrooms. And rice. Grateful that hubby had cooked, slightly miffed that he hadn’t cooked something more LCHF. Remembered that I hadn’t told him about my experiment. Concluded I couldn’t blame him then.

5.25pm. Discovered the giant chocolate hubby had bought an dput in the fridge.

5.26-6pm. Thought about the chocolate.

6pm. Had curry for dinner. Skipped the rice. Yummy!

7pm. Snukout in the kitchen, opened the fridge and had a long look at the chocolate. Debated whether or not LCHF was pointless or not. If it was pointless it meant that I could have chocolate.

7.25pm. Skulked out to the livingroom, repeating to myself It’s just a week. You can eat chocolate next week. You won’t die if you don’t eat chocolate for one week. Felt very very good about myself.

10pm. Felt hungry again. Had three soft boiled eggs and three slices of bologna with tiny bit of mayonaise on.

All in all. Not the best day, but happy I made it so far. Feel very discouraging that it is so hard. Anyway, one down, six to go!

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