Thursday, 17 June 2010

Day 4 - Ketosis sucks

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I mean, it doesn't sucksuck. I want to be in it, and thus lose lots and lots of weight, and so it is good, but it sucks that it makes me feel like crap.

So far things have been pretty good. I had an avacado shake for breakfast, and a bit of fried minced meat with a dollop of full-fat sour cream. Lunch was a pretty close call, as they served hamburgers today. I almost allowed myself to have a bun, but managed to stay away and had a hamburger without the bun. And yes, someone did point out that the dressing wasn't really LCHF and neither was my watermelon. Which is true, can't deny that.

I have felt good all day, thinking that maybe the bad symptoms were gone for good, but that was untill now. Am feeling the headache coming on and the tiredness. Ouch. But what can I do, obviously a girl has to suffer to reach her skinny happy self, or at least more so than now.

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