Friday, 18 June 2010

Day 5 - Getting easier?

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Ok, made it to day 5!!! Yeah! God, it sounds like I am doing something much harder than I am. Like training for a marathon, or something gruelling like that. I mean, abstaining from carbs isn't really up there. But, it is hard for me, so I am pleased with myself

I also feel that it starts to get easier. Like, I don't have to have constant discussions in my mind ALL the bloody time about whether or not to eat something. I can see something yummy and want it, and then I can say nah, and leave it at that. Not always, but more now than the first couple of days.

I am so looking forward to be measuring me this sunday, but if there is no difference this time I will be so dissapointed!! I mean, I am really expecting high numbers, several cm in fact. I put on a pair of shorts yesterday which have been really really tight. Well, they have been wearable, but not exactly comfortable. Anyway, I put them on, and they felt slightly looser. Which prompted lots of prancing and modelling in front of hubby to show of my new and thinner self. And he was all like: It's been what, 2 days? And I was like: Na-ah, it's been several! Because everyone knows that a couple of days are like 2 days, but 3 days are several! Well, I do have high hopes for this sunday!

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