Thursday, 17 June 2010

Day 3 - Summary

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Yesterday wasn't good! Not at all!!!!

It wasn't so much my constant thinking about anything with carbs, because although it still feels hard and I am salvating thinking about all the yummy carbs that I will be able to eat next week, I was good yesterday - foodwise that is.

I had an avacadoshake for breakfast from a perfect avacado! And for lunch I had a chickenthigh, a small salad with cheese, and some watermelon. Yes, I know the watermelon isn't strictly LCHF...

When I came home from work yesterday I felt really tired and felt a headache coming. During the evening I just felt worse and worse, and the headache became really really bad. I didn't feel like eating at all, and skipped dinner. At 9.30pm I managed to eat some fried chicken, but felt really unwell after. Went to bed early.

I've read that a couple of days in, when you hit ketosis, you can feel really unwell and have quite bad headaches. I hope this was it though, and that it will pass soon. - Ouch, just read an article saying that the symptoms of ketosis can last up to a week!! That is so not good :-(

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